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Last month I was supposed to go out for vacation with my child, for some reason we were never able to come to an agreement on where we were going to go.
Than when we had a location, but something didn't feel right.

I sort of always tend to be pretty good with intuitions, therefore when I decide to ignore red lights, I take it upon myself really hard.
This time I really went with my intuition and we cancelled plane tickets and all.
Fast forward to the day of our vacation, we decided to road trip and go somewhere "Local"

Click Image to Purchase shorts

We headed out to San Antonio.
The last time I was in San Antonio, was when I was around 17.
That time, I only went to the river walk and that was all, I really dint't explore.

This time around, I wanted to explore a bit more, I was amazed on how much San Antonio reminded me of Mexico, City.
Here in Fort Worth, we have so many places that sort of take me back to Mexico, but not quite like Mexico, City.

We made out first stop at El Mercado (Market Square) the shops there, definitely brought the feeling of Mexico, City Historic Center (El Centro).
I walked into almost all the shops at El Mercado, although a lot of them have similar products, it just felt amazing to see authentic products, clothes, food from Mexico.

That day I also knew I wanted to look stylish and most of all comfy.
I decided to rock this outfit I found at the Target sale rack.

Since that month I had been working "harder than usual" at the gym I decided to just go for it and show a little fatness.
 I paired this outfit with this shoes I recently purchase that are super comfortable and the denim detail is life!!

This bold and dynamic outfit was perfect for out outing at El Mercado.
Straw purses were so in, this summer, again, if you visit Mexico you can see people make them at the shops.
When I saw this purse I was in love, and had to buy it!!
Best thing about the purse it was only $20.00 




Merry Independence day to all my Mexican people!

Mexican Independence Day

If you didn't know I was born in Mexico City, and today Septemeber 16
we celebrate our Independence day.

Growing up I remember my parents taking us to El Centro (historic center of Mexico, City) almost each year to celebrate independence day.
Now this is an actual holiday we celebrate and not 5 De Mayo! 

Tons, and tons of people gather at El Centro to celebrate our Independence day and El Grito De Dndependencia (cry of independence) which is something like


Inspired by the day I wanted to create a look that will show my patriotic side as a Mexican chica born in Mexico City.

Here's the look that I came up with, enjoy!

Love Always,

Make up Details:

primer: Nivea Men's Sensitive Post Shave Balm | foundation: Tarte Rain Forest Of The Sea Water Foundation in Medium-Tan Sand & Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation in #310| bronzer: Lorac Contour Palette Using Medium color with slight of the Deep color | highlighter: Dose of Colors Desi X Katy Collab Highlighter in Fuego

brows: Covergirl Brow Shape + Define Brown Mascara Using the: Lorac Mega Pro 3 Los Angeles Palette crease: Snow lid: Snow 
under eye: NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick in Kitten Heelsmascara: Maybelline Big Shot Mascara | Under Eye liner: Maybelline Black Pensil 
 Eyeliner lashes: Ardell Cluster Wispies #602 


Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette: Row 3: Colors used: Primary 4 Yellow & Primary 5 Blue
Mixed together to get the Green Color. 




If you don't know by now I have been into burgundy colors a lot since last fall, even during summer time.
I have purchased quite a few, well technically a lot of dark lipsticks like if I don't own at least one.

 When I purchase them, I usually feel a sense of regret but than I'm like no, they aren't all the same shade.

Iluvsarahii is one of my favorite make up beauty gurus.

When I found out she collaborated with Colourpop I was excited, and wanted to see the products she came out with.
She's a true make up maven, with quite a variety of make up looks.

When her collection launched, she had a great variety of colors, from nudes to dark colors.
Honestly I did not purchased any eye shadow pallets from her collection because I have a lot of colors similar in other make up palettes.

She came out with two palettes, one on the neutral side, and one that focused more on the deep purples and corals, which I am kind of scared to play with those colors.

I decided to just purchase the ultra matte lipstick in the color MAMACITA
As mentioned earlier, there has been something about deep dark burgundy lipstick colors, so I decided to just pick the Mamacita lipstick from her collection.

I honestly thought it was going to bee a bit more on the deep side, but it's more on the redish side. 

Skin color play it big when it comes to dark lipstick colors, so that might be one of the factors with me.

Here's a make up look I created using my MAMACITA ultra matte lipstick.

For the eyes you know most of the time I will keep it safe with my neutral colors.

For the face I decided to go with a little bit of blush and a bronzy bronzer.

and to kill the make up look, you know that for me a statement lip color is my thaaaang which Mamacita came into place to complete the look.

Did you guys get anything from her collection?
If so what was your favorite product from her collab?

I'd like to know!

Love Always,

Make up Details:

primer: Too Faced Hangover Face Primer | foundation: Too Faced Born This way In Warm Beige | bronzer: Lorac Contour Palette Using Medium color with slight of the Deep color | highlighter: Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit- Sun Dipped using MoonStone and Summer

brows: Covergirl Brow Shape + Define Brown Mascara | Using the: Lorac Mega Pro 3 Los Angeles Palette crease: Pecan, Tan lid: Crepe under eye: ABH Artist Palette in Phresh & Lorac Mega Pro 3 Los Angeles Palette in Barkmascara: Maybelline Big Shot Mascara eye liner: NYC Liquid Eyeliner lashes: Ardell Cluster Wispies #602 


ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipstick  in MAMACITA 




As I'm getting ready to head over to Hispanicize Texas, in Houston Texas I decided to put together this make up look

I'm so excited that a big influencer conference/event is being held in Texas, as we all know, most of conferences like this always happen either in Los Angeles, Miami or New York.

I've been so lucky to attend a few conference in L.A, but I was more behind the scenes since I was volunteering, this time I will not be volunteering and it feels a little weird, because I like the craziness that goes on behind the scenes, the preparation and making sure everything is top notch for everyone to experience.

Influencers conferences, are so much fun and also such a huge shot of encouragement, not to mention how awesome it is to re-connect with everyone you've been following!

Also these type of conferences can be a bit stressful trying to figure out the perfect outfit, or make up look, and this is the reason why I decided to put together this make up look for you guys!

When it comes to Texas, we think about HEAT, yup it's true our summers are hell here in Texas!!
This is why I wanted to do a long lasting golden look, as mentioned before on my blog I'm a huge color lover but there's nothing like my neutral/gold make up looks.

The number one tip I will give you for any type of event or conference is to always go with a make up look that you feel most confident, therefore don't try a new make up look if you haven't done it before.

Also you guys know, I have been dealing with acne for quite a while now, there are days when my skin wakes up better and others I just want to burst into tears.

This is why as I get close to an important event or conference I try my best to not upset my skin, so when I do have the event is not as bad. Ensure to be gentle with your skin 7-10 days prior to your event.

Do not use any type of acne mask 5 days prior to your even this will bring out all your impurities out days after.
Do use a moisturizing mask.

Typically when we think about these type of conferences, we want to go to the extreme to impress, but we forget it's an all day event, so make sure you feel comfortable and confident.
I know we are in the summer, but for me there's nothing like my neutrals, brown colors, lashes and a statement lip color, which is what i went for on this look.

Here's the look that I use for events or conferences like Hispanicize, I will see you all there and come say #HOLA

Also your jewelry always makes a huge difference as well, on the photo below I switched the earrings and it gave the look a bit more of pop.

for the lips, all I used was a pink pale lipstick and bronzer and it gave me this perfect gold lippie!

Love Always,




Man rompers might not be the best idea ever, but us chicas, we are totally loving the romper trend. 
Well I am!
Recently I've found my self purchasing quite a few rompers, I just love how you have to only worry about one piece of clothing, instead of trying to match several pieces.

This past weekend we took a road trip over to Austin.

Austin is one of the places that makes me like nature, it's something about that city that brings out the outdoor person in me, which if you guys know I've struggled to discover that outdoor person but I've gotten so much better.

We really didn't pack much, so Saturday we headed over to Target to purchase some undies for my daughter, as soon as I walked in I eyed this beautiful Lace Red Romper!
The moment I saw it, I visioned how I wanted to style it.

Here's how I styled this beautiful romper for dinner and movie night!

Although I used this outfit for a movie night and dinner, for some reason I picture this outfit at an outdoor weeding. 

Also my photo is featured on the Target Awesome shop Page!!!!!!

Here's the link below so you can check it out and purchase the romper, you will not regret it!

Love Always,