Welcome to Queen-IshBySayra

Welcome to my journey!

Respect the grind respect the queen! 
Calling out all the fashionable queens working for their thrones! 

My name is Sayra & I am a mommy of a 5 year old which is crazy and sometimes I want to eat her because she is so frigging cute, at least that's what I think lol..

I am a truly believer that each and every woman should and needs to be carried and treated as a QUEEN.

In order to receive respect from other you must begin by learning how to respect your self as a woman, I created this blog where I will be sharing everything that has to do with Fashion, Make-up, Beauty and much more.
Thank you all so much for stopping by and don't forget to leave me a comment and let me know what is that you are doing in life to treat YOUR SELF AS A QUEEN!

Love always,