BEAUTY: Easy New Year Make Up Look


Adios 2016 and Welcome 2017!

New Years Make up Look


#ENLASMALETASDESAYRA- TRAVEL: Airport Attire for Girls for under $25.00


December is here!

Which means, there will be some sort of travel involved in families!
Whether is by plane, road trips during the holidays there is always some traveling to do.
airport outfits


TRAVEL: Redondo Beach Ca Photo Diary

Since I wasn't able to take any vacation during the summer, I decided to spoil my little one during the month of November.

Why California again?

 Well I think it's clear enough we just love it there.

Redondo Beach Pier

LIFESTYLE: #WeAllGrowFamilia


Ocotber 22, 2016 I was invited to attend the #WeAllGrowFamilia event at the Munchkin Head Quarters.

I received the invitation almost last minute which I was very, very thankful for.

I took my time in writing this post because, I wanted to make sure I shared everything I had in mind, I wanted all the learning to settled in my brain, and share with you all my most genuine thoughts on this experience.

we all grow familia

#ENLASMALETASDESAYRA- TRAVEL: Must Have Tech Essentials for your Next Trip


We are heading back to #Cali

Galaxy S6

BEAUTY: My First Velour Liquid Lipstick By Jeffree Star Cosmetics


I usually wait a while when it comes to spending mucho dinero in make up, specially if it's a bit expensive.

I mean like a lot, a lot of time.

Jefree Star




Now we all know that the 5 minute make up look challenge is all over the internetsss!

Now speaking honestly that is impossible!

LYFESTYLE: Household Chores with E-Cloth Flexi-Edge Floor & Wall Duster *


With the whole back to school madness, homework and regular mom chores, sometimes the household chores seem to get a little behind. 

Which leave us mom's with a great opportunity to implement some responsibility into our little ones by having them help with some chores.

e-cloth reviews

ESPAÑOL: Tareas del Hogar con E-Cloth Flexi-Edge Floor & Wall Duster *

Con la locura del regreso a la escuela, tareas, y tareas regulares de mamás, hay veces que las obligaciones de limpieza en la casa suelen atrasarse.
Aunque situaciones como esa son excelentes para implementar un poquito de responsabilidad en nuestros pequeñines.
e-cloth reviews

KIDS FASHION: Last Days of Summer


We are only a few days away from Fall, and the DFW area still feel like a 1,000 degrees out side!

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to our kiddos, is dressing them up during hot days.

 You may be wondering why, well they just want to linger on a T-shirt and maybe some cotton shorts, sometimes just their underwear. Yeah that's how hot it's here in #Texas


LYFESTYLE: Dallas Arboretum


Hello September!

I don't even think I should mention that our months feel so much more like days, should I?

I hope all you mamis had a productive August!

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to to get out of my comfort zone, of course all because of my daughter and my friend, not really because I wanted to.

My friend Erica invited us to the Dallas Arboretum (in real life I don't know how to pronounce that word) 
Dallas Arboretum


BEAUTY: #BeautyAttitudes


When I received the The Estée Edit VoxBox, compliments of Influenster. 
I automatically had the perfect look in mind to use this products!

the estee edit


LIFESTYLE: Our 4th of July Weekend


In a blink of an eye, July is over!

Next thing we know, Halloween will be over than Christmas will be here!

We often used to joke about how amazingly fast time was passing by, but now the weeks just go by so quick!

July was a bit busy for me, with job change, road trip and few other things. 
Therefore the reason you all are now just seeing this post!

This past 4th of July we decided to take a road trip!

Austin is my favorite place to go in Texas.
I just love the vibe from the city and how kid friendly it is.

Austin is also officially marked off my 



LIFESTYLE: Sundance Square


Being a single mother has been a blessing for me, and no I am not lying. 

Although sometimes it can be overwhelming I find it as a blessing. 
You may be asking why is it a blessing but yet I find it overwhelming, well that reason it's because since I am the main source of income, I always have to be working.


LIFESTYLE: Fresas Con Crema


¿Cómo están todas esas mamás trabajadoras?

Cada día se hace más corto, y cada día se vive muchísimo mas ajetreado.

Una de las cosas que me gustaría cambiar es aprender a vivir menos apresurada, usualmente pasa porque siempre dejo todo a último momento y luego ahí ando toda carrereada queriendo acabar todo junto.

¿A caso soy la única que vive su vida así?

¡Espero que no!
Si no, la verdad ¡necesito ayuda para cambiar ese mal hábito que tengo!

Con los niños en vacaciones, trabajo y una que otra cosa que a veces uno tiene que hacer (como tomarse una siesta je je)

Hay algo en lo que quisiera enfocarme un poquito más: Esto se trata de pasar más tiempo productivo con mi hija.


FASHION: Thursday’s Wish List- Shoes


 Well, hello thereeeeeee, it's been a while. 

 I just been in a weird mood this past two months. 
Don't get me wrong, I have been creating post but just have not completed them, but I am back in action.

Thursday’s Wish List- Shoes




Last month (April) I was able to make a quick trip to the lovely #California as you all know, my heart kind of belongs there. Although this was a short trip, I decided to make it a lifetime memory for my cheese-ball and my self of course.

Not to mention this year I am making it all about GOMO (Going Out More Often) 


BEAUTY: Elie Saab 'Le Parfum Rose Couture' Eau de Toilette Review *


 I was at first reluctant since any perfume with the word "Rose" in it's name was destined for my grandmother. 
After trying it out, this scent stole my heart.


#ENLASMALETASDESAYRA- TRAVEL: 3 Road Trips on My Bucket List for this Summer


May 2016 represents a very special month for me. 
May will symbolize paying off my veichle!!!!

Thank you lord! 

After May I am all into GOMO (Going Out More Often) motto and I am going in FULL EFFECT!

Road Trip
Photo Cred: stocksnap.io


LIFESTYLE: Letting Go...


One day before I gave birth....

6 years ago, I woke up at 6 am as usual, I needed to go pee.


BEAUTY: March Beauty Buys


I decided to splurge a bit in the make up department in March
Not too much though, as mentioned on my 21 days of beauty at Ulta post, I saved up some dinero, in order to purchase some goodies in March.



BELLEZA: Lo que Compre de los 21 Días de Belleza en Ulta (Español)


Como estan?!!
Este fue mi primer año de participación en la super, mega, increíble venta de los 21 días de belleza en Ulta.

BEAUTY: What I Bought From the 21 Days of Beauty at Ulta


Como estan?!

This was my very first year participating in the super, mega, amazing 21 days of Beauty at Ulta.


BEAUTY: March Play Box by Sephora


March is Adios and Goodbye.....

I am now getting into my March Play Box by Sephora, don't judge me!
I've been a bit busy here and there with work and the usual mom stuff you know, nothing personal.

March Play By Sephora

LIFESTYLE: 3 Easy Easter Outfits for Girls (Español)


When it comes to Festivities, I am not the best to follow them. Well, what I actually mean is that I treat them more as regular days and it's bad I know it, specially having a kiddo!

I have made myself a promise, and that is that I want to create a bit more traditions for my cheeseball, I want her to be able to dress up for holiday's and special events like everyone else, as well as celebrate those special occasions.




In today's post I want to bring you all the amazing experience in Volunteering at the #WeAllGrow Summit 2016.

There are no enough words to really describe the amazing , pampering, and fun experience. So I decided to put it together in photos!

I was helping out at the Register table, which got a little cray cray (I hope my fave Influencers don't hate me when we were struggling to find their names)

*Photo Cred: 

This lady in particular,  touch my heart.
I want to thank her so, so much for feeding me the first day!
She shared this story to me on how this night was the first time she had smile, since a really long time, her sister is fighting cancer. I am so happy #WeAllGrow was able to steal a smile from her.

Registration Table Day Uno!
(Se puso canijo!!!)

The Coolest, mom, soon to be G-MA!
I thought she was like 25 lol no joke, I want to be like her when I grow up!

La Patrona! AKA the #BossLady
Mas sencilla, no puede ser esta mujer!


LIFESTYLE: 3 Things I am taking from the We All Grow Summit 2016 Conference


Two weeks later and I am still amazed by the amazing experience in Volunteering at the We All Grow Summit 2016!

I want to thank Xenia and everyone in the We All Grow Team for letting me be a part of this amazing experience!

Live in AWE


LIFESTYLE: Jailah's First Official Beuty Pageant


Jailah (my cheeseball) recently participated in a local beauty pageant with the Miss Fort Worth Texas Latina Organization

We started this journey back in September with weekly practices, etiquette classes and even a Karate Class.
We had such an amazing pageant coach Edna Tijerina, we loved her because she teaches this girls that beauty is not everything, education plays a major key in her organization! 

This was the very 1st picture she took when she started the journey!
Jailah Diaz


BEAUTY: My First Play Box by Sephora


There's a new trend on the block, which is the subscription boxes. There are many subscription boxes options, from dog treats, wine samples, snack samples, beauty samples you name it!

Like always I kind of like to take my time before jumping into the wagon, and I've been monitoring a few beauty boxes that are currently on the market. 

I finally gave in and decided to give it a go to the New Play by Sephora

Play by Sephora


BEAUTY: My First ColourPop Purchase


ColourPop, just like the name is currently popping errrrrwhereeee!
I have been following this cosmetic brand for quite a while, tracking what eerrrrbody is posting about them, weather is good or bad. 
When new make up brands suddenly pop, we often wonder if it's really worth the hype or not. 
The reason we have more doubts when it comes to cosmetics is because we often see our favorite beauty gurus so into the brands, which it makes us wonder if they're just creating the hype as promotion or if the brand is really all that.

ColourPop Ultra Matt Lipsticks


BEAUTY: January Beauty Buys


I treated January as my trial month for 2016, I know I wasn't the only one. 

Did anybody else treated January as their trial month?

I took a slight break from blogging to brain storm more and get organized in my personal life.
Butttttttt that did not stop me from purchasing a few beauty items here and there. 
As mentioned before I have been cutting a bit on the spending field since I still have a lot of items I haven't been able to play with from previous purchases!

But here are my January Buys:
I have been looking for cute inexpensive make up brush holders and Target had the perfect ones.

This little holder was only $3.00 and it worked out just perfecto for my make up brushes!

Make up Brush Holder




I have this very bad habit of over thinking things, plans or people a lot, like I over think something at least 100 times (no lie) 

Back in April  I traveled to #California to mark off one of my #MamiGoals which was to take my Daughter to Disneyland for her 5th birthday. 

Holiday Inn Express
Holiday Inn Express Hawthorne

We aren’t much of a party people so instead I choose to take her somewhere more memorable or that I know she will enjoy more than just a party of 4-5 hours of not so much fun.

Hermosa Beach Ca
Hermosa Beach


LIFESTYLE: Netflix Series I've recently watched


Going to bed nowadays means, click on your NetFlix app and get ready to get hooked at least another 3 or 4 hours before you actually shut your eyes and go night night. 

Most humans are totally addicted to Netflix and I am not an exemption.

I am listing the Netflix series I've recently watched and left me wanting moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

NetFlix and Chill


The fact that Pablo Escobar was making $420 million a week is phucking INSANE, that's what draw me into the series. I wanted to know more about the character. This series is very addictive.


BEAUTY: LORAC Love, Lust & Lace Alter Ego Lip Gloss Set


Holidays are over, and we all love them because that means we spend a lot more time with family and also because we tend to get gifts here and there. 

They also tend to be amazing Make up deals, with amazing Holiday Sets by our favorite brands, this year I was able to purchase 2 amazing holiday sets, as mentioned before on my blog being a single mom and make up lover is not the best combination on earth!

Now let's talk about the Lorac Love, Lust & Lace Alter Ego Lip Gloss set, I am not much of a lip gloss fan but I decided to give this a try because my matte lippie addiction seems to just be taking over my lipstick holder.

I must confess I wasn't expecting much of this set, since most gloss lippies aren't very pigmented most of the time, but the glosses on this set are pigmented and apply flawlessly, the smell is awesome

Am I the only one that feels like tasting lipsticks when the smell delish!!??!! I hope not lol

Let's begin with the packaging I am a lover of the Royal Blue Color and the lacy print makes it appeal so sexy. 

Lorac Alter Ego Lip gloss


#ENLASMALETASDESAYRA- TRAVEL Bucket List 2016 - Travel Edition


Welcome to 2016! 

Ayyyy wey we are totally into a new year and I am honestly ok with it. 

Other years I tend to beat my self on how sucky it might of been, but I am leaning how to become more Thankful and appreciative of what I actually have, rather than bitching of what I don't have.

In 2015 I was able to travel over to a few places, from short road trips to spending 15 days in California which is where my heart is and most importantly taking my Cheeball to Disneyland for her 5th birthday.

Traveling will be one of the things I want to experience more in 2016. Working in the Hospitality industry has it's perks and I am willing to start using them, not to mention my daughter loves to travel!

Let's get our list started!

I must mention most of my travel if not all, will be with my Daughter, I have separation anxiety and I can not travel without her #SingleMomProblems 
Photo Cred: whatshouldwecallme.tumblr.com