About Me


I am a Chilanga Born (meaning born in Mexico City)
Living in Fort Worth Texas.

I am bilingual.

I am a PROUD Single Mom of a mixed girl named Cheeseball I am kidding her name is Jailah.

I have created this blog mostly because this will be my best way of expressing my self.
My blog will focus on lifestyle, beauty, and traveling.
You know like the one's we click on all the time! lol

I've noticed that I've let me self go after mamihood, I've focused so much into the mami role that I've lost the love I've had for fashion and beauty.
This outlet will be my saving grace of slowly getting back into my dreams.

 I want to meet woman all over the world, that are working hard for their throne in life and know how to balance life.

Being a woman takes a lot and requires a lot we are often mistreated, underestimated and not given credit when it's do. 

Overcoming all of this takes a lot of our confidence away. I want to be able to connect with girls all over that are either struggling with same situations, goals or dream!

Let's all work together to inspire and to treat our self's like QUEENS in order to be treated like QUEENS by others!

Love always,