How many times have you guys heard that Texas has the most bipolar weather everrrrr?!

 I bet a whole bunch of times huh?

That is such a true statement, during January we went from, rain, ice, tornadoes to amazing sunny days.

In particular I was in love with how amazing January 16th was.
It was such a beautiful day, the sky looked amazing.

Since the day was beautiful, I know I wanted to do something that involved being outside.

I decided to head over to Granbury, TX. 
Granbury, is only about 40 minutes from where I live, so we headed over to the town.

This little town is everything for me, it's old school and out in the middle of nowhere, which I love
The town is not saturated with fast food restaurants, stores which where we live is over saturated with everything you can imagine.
I enjoy to do things that get me out of my ordinary life, seeing different things is one of my greatest pleasures.
Their downtown is so small but lovely, with a few restaurants and local shops.

Each time we head that way we usually spend our time at the lake, they have a small "beach area" with sand and dock. 
Which we usually play for a bit and even dance.
This day we spent a few hours just sitting and admiring how beautiful the day was.

Love Always,




Happy 2017!
I know, I know super late, but I've been in a weird funk all January.

I hope you all are having an amazing start to the year and are still focused in your goals!

On this post I wanted to share how I'm finding my way back to color. 
My make up looks have been solely focused on neutral colors, not only due to fall, but I just love them so much.

Dark Nebula


BEAUTY: Easy New Year Make Up Look


Adios 2016 and Welcome 2017!

New Years Make up Look


#ENLASMALETASDESAYRA- TRAVEL: Airport Attire for Girls for under $25.00


December is here!

Which means, there will be some sort of travel involved in families!
Whether is by plane, road trips during the holidays there is always some traveling to do.
airport outfits


TRAVEL: Redondo Beach Ca Photo Diary

Since I wasn't able to take any vacation during the summer, I decided to spoil my little one during the month of November.

Why California again?

 Well I think it's clear enough we just love it there.

Redondo Beach Pier

LIFESTYLE: #WeAllGrowFamilia


Ocotber 22, 2016 I was invited to attend the #WeAllGrowFamilia event at the Munchkin Head Quarters.

I received the invitation almost last minute which I was very, very thankful for.

I took my time in writing this post because, I wanted to make sure I shared everything I had in mind, I wanted all the learning to settled in my brain, and share with you all my most genuine thoughts on this experience.

we all grow familia