Last month (April) I was able to make a quick trip to the lovely #California as you all know, my heart kind of belongs there. Although this was a short trip, I decided to make it a lifetime memory for my cheese-ball and my self of course.

Not to mention this year I am making it all about GOMO (Going Out More Often) 

Since our birthday was April 24th (yes my daughter was born on my birfffday, she stole my birffday) I really did not have anything planned. I know, I am really bad at making plans for birfffdays and celebrations.

Since my daughter was traveling with me, I knew I wanted to do something for our birthday while in #Cali. I was debating (like always) between taking her to the beach and have an amazing time there the whole day, or go to Disneyland again, since last year we mainly went to California Adventure.

She opted to go to Disneyland again....


That smile, assures me that I am on the right path..

Love Always,