FASHION: Thursday’s Wish List- Shoes


 Well, hello thereeeeeee, it's been a while. 

 I just been in a weird mood this past two months. 
Don't get me wrong, I have been creating post but just have not completed them, but I am back in action.

Thursday’s Wish List- Shoes

Today I wanted to come with a fashion post, shoes are a best friend to us chicas!

There are so many new styles coming out and of course braking our pockets.
Personally I am very cheap when it comes to purchase shoes. I just can process spending 40 dollars on a pair of shoes, unless they are tennis shoes for work. 
Which they usually can cost me $60.00 dollars.

I want to add some new shoes to my closet and these seem to be the one's that I find my self searching for over and over!

I am totally loving the heel ankle boots.

The nude, pink and black boots seem to be the one's that have stolen my heart.
I am just a bit hesitant about them because my ankles are fat lol.

Another type of shoe that is super popular is the platform sandals

This style totally takes my back to my teen years, right when I was 12 and 13.
I was so into platforms back than, just as much as I am now, yeah I had to fight my mom a little so she would let me wear them...

Below you will find what's on my Shoe Wish List for July!

I am hoping to get at least one of the styles I have on my wishlist.

What about you chicas? What is the one shoe style you're currently loving?

Love Always,