Man rompers might not be the best idea ever, but us chicas, we are totally loving the romper trend. 
Well I am!
Recently I've found my self purchasing quite a few rompers, I just love how you have to only worry about one piece of clothing, instead of trying to match several pieces.

This past weekend we took a road trip over to Austin.

Austin is one of the places that makes me like nature, it's something about that city that brings out the outdoor person in me, which if you guys know I've struggled to discover that outdoor person but I've gotten so much better.

We really didn't pack much, so Saturday we headed over to Target to purchase some undies for my daughter, as soon as I walked in I eyed this beautiful Lace Red Romper!
The moment I saw it, I visioned how I wanted to style it.

Here's how I styled this beautiful romper for dinner and movie night!

Although I used this outfit for a movie night and dinner, for some reason I picture this outfit at an outdoor weeding. 

Also my photo is featured on the Target Awesome shop Page!!!!!!

Here's the link below so you can check it out and purchase the romper, you will not regret it!

Love Always,